Square Section Heaters

Square Section Heaters - from 6 x 6mm2 to 25 x 25mm2 - cross sectional area

Easy Installation

These are especially designed for quick fitting into moulds or surfaces where the use of rivets is impossible. Our cartridges come with low surface watts and are most suited for moderate heating; up to a maximum temperatures of 360C. The square tube is made of 304 quality stainless steel.

All the tubes are perfectly designed both inside and out, into which a long-life ceramic bobbin is inserted. The cartridge is designed for continuous temperature variation and has the best possible thermal conductivity, as the ceramic piece is in contact with the wall of the tube, which makes for the best distribution of heat possible. The heater wire is within the ceramic piece. The nickel-chromium heater wire is of highest temperature class and is used in the manufacture of cartridge heaters due to its excellent performance at high temperatures.

Everything inside is coated with fine graded magnesium oxide powder. Therefore it has excellent conductivity between the heater wire and the object to be heated.

Single Phase and 3 Phase Available



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Internal Complements

Internal Thermocouples

Watt Distribution

Inactive Areas

Different Voltages

Square Sections Available

Measurements Maximum watts recommended
10X10 5 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 1500 Watts
12X12 6 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 1500 Watts
15X15 7 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 2000 Watts
16X16 15 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 2000 Watts
18X18 18 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 4000 Watts
20X20 20 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 4500 Watts
25X25 25 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 7000 Watts

Rectangular Sections Available

Measurements Maximum watts recommended
20 X 20 10 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 2000 Watts
30 X 15 20 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 4500 Watts

Also 6 x 6mm and 4.2 x 2.2mm sections available (see Coil Heater Section)

  1. Welded watertight base Tig.
  2. Calibrated stainless steel 304.
  3. Ceramic disc insulator.
  4. Pure magnesium oxide.
  5. Nickel-chromium 80/20 heater wire.
  6. Ceramic core.
  7. Hard refractory paste.
  8. Conductor lead.

Our manufacturing system, together with its CAM system, makes it possible to separate the spirals, thereby guaranteeing the same temperature around the whole section and length of the cartridge. Obtaining an uniform and lasting temperature output.


  • Plastic Injection  /Blow Moulding
  • Rubber Moulding
  • Mould & Tool
  • Dies etc


Technical Data

Heat intensity *
Power Depends on the dimension
Current leakage (when cold) <=0.1mA to 242 v.
Insulation (When cold) <=5mA. to 500v.
Dielectric strength 1500v. 1/second
Working temperature 350ÂșC max.
Length tolerances +/-1.5%
Section tolerances +/- 0.1
Cable length tolerances +/-15 mm
Power tolerance (w) + 5 % - 10 %
Cold areas Depends on length and cross section

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