Coil Heater Elements with Thermocouples

Designed to be adaptable

Coil Heater cartridges are especially recommended for the heating of cylinders and joints. These cartridges, despite their small diameter, have high heating power, distributing uniform heat up to 360C.

The heater wire is of the highest quality surrounded by a layer of magnesium oxide and enclosed in a stainless steel cover. Everything goes through a process of compression; giving it a longer life, as well as ensuring its reaching the required temperature.

As an option the cartridge heater can be hermetically sealed to prevent the entry of extraneous materials, moisture, fluids, etc.

Variety of Endings & Terminations

Coil Heater Elements with Thermocouples


IP65 Waterproof - available on request

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As standard, the heaters are sold straight, but can be coiled to your specification.

length heated length power W/cm2 2.2 x 4.2
200 mm 135 mm 180 W 5.40 200CH2242
265 mm 200 mm 200 W 5.40 265CH2242
315 mm 250 mm 225 W 5.40 315CH2242
345 mm 280 mm 250 W 5.40 345CH2242
400 mm 335 mm 275 W 5.40 400CH2242
450 mm 385 mm 300 W 5.40 450CH2242
525 mm 460 mm 350 W 5.40 525CH2242
600 mm 535 mm 400 W 5.40 600CH2242
700 mm 635 mm 450 W 5.40 700CH2242
750 mm 685 mm 550 W 5.40 750CH2242
800 mm 735 mm 625 W 5.40 800CH2242
950 mm 885 mm 700 W 5.40 950CH2242
1000 mm 935 mm 750 W 5.40 1000CH2242
1175 mm 1110 mm 850 W 5.40 1175CH2242
1400 mm 1335 mm 1000 W 5.40 1400CH2242
1600 mm 1535 mm 1150 W 5.40 1600CH2242
1800 mm 1735 mm 1200 W 5.40 1800CH2242
2000 mm 1935 mm 1250 W 5.40 2000CH2242

(*) Include Thermocouple type "J", Teflon or Fluoropolymer-Nickel-plated copper leads, and fibreglass protection sleeve of 1000mm length.

  1. Welded watertight base tig, resists pressure up to 60kg/cm2.
  2. Stainless steel 304.
  3. Checked pure granulometric magnesium oxide.
  4. Nickel-chromium heater wire. Melting point 1400ºC.
  5. Conductor lead.
  6. Metal braided protection.
  7. Metal base adapter 25mm.
  8. Inactive area 65mm.
  9. Pressed tube for fastening.
  10. Refractive sheath.

Our manufacturing system, together with its CAM system, makes it possible to evenly separate the spirals, thereby guaranteeing the same temperature around the whole perimeter and length of the cartridge. Obtaining a uniform and lasting temperature output.


Endings & Exits: positioning of the connections


Axial Output Ref. "Coil A"

Coil A


Tangential Output Ref. "Coil B"


Lateral Output Ref. "Coil C"


Radial Output Ref. "Coil D"


Maluable Resistences 6 x 6mm2 - cross sectional area

For heating of molds

Our square-sectioned resistances are specially designed to be mouldeable to the required shape at room temperature. These heaters have been designed for heating all types of molds, particularly hot running systems.

These resistances have been developed and constructed with the highest quality of materials, which guarantees their reliability and long life. Their three-dimensional flexiblility allows the client to mold the resistance to any shape, including very tight angles and turns, by only applying a slight pressure. Being able to mold the resistance at room temperature allows fast and easy setup at the client's facility. The resistance's square shape simplifies the design of molds, and allows exact adjustment to the mold's cavity, thus enabling a thermal transmission that is superior to other products on the market.

Technical Data

Heat intensity Not exceeding 10wcm2 (recommended)
Power Depends on the dimension
Current leakage (when cold) <=0.1mA to 242 v.
Insulation (When cold) <=5mA. to 500v.
Dielectric strength 1500v. 1/second
Working temperature 7 50ºG max.
Length tolerances +/-2.5%
Section tolerances +/- 0.1
Cable length tolerances +/-15 mm
Power tolerance (w) +/- 10 %
Cold areas Depends on length and diameter 5 - 15mm

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    Coiled Execution

    Power Distribution

    n = number of coils or absolute power of proportional power
    Note! Power distribution = coil distribution


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