Special Windings


Watt distribution: Varying the temperature along the cartridge

Graduated Heating

Cartridges can be manufactured with (compensated) watt distribution, this means that we can insert the precise amount or heating wire to control the temperature.

Watts distribution is recommended for relatively long cartridge heaters requiring a stable temperature along its whole length.

Different possibilities of construction

More watts at one ending

  • More watts at both endings
  • More watts at one ending
  • More watts in the middle
  • More watts at definite point

Inactive areas: Varying the temperature of the cartridge

Heating point by point

Cartridges can be manufactured with inactive areas, where no temperature is required at one point, or several, or to the entry of the connections, so not to damage them.

Different voltages: Dual voltage

With four connections

Cartridges can be made with double voltage and different watts within the same cartridge.

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